Here I was all worried, while planning our road trip up the west coast, that was I was not finding enough fun things for my baby bassets. Now, after a few wonderful suggestions from you guys, I think I may have planned too much! GOOD. Tire these guys out. I can’t thank you all enough for the guidance so far. Right now I have gotten as far as Leavenworth Washington for the Adventure Park and Bavarian town. Now I just need to figure out if I should go North or south. I love the idea of long hikes through the Mt Baker National Forest. I really wanted to visit some of the national parks, but they don’t allow dogs! That has been a real bother in planning this whole trip. Thankfully I think with all that I have planned so far with the dogs, they will be super tired and more than happy to stay in the RV for a few hours.

Island Love: A Romantic Comedy Set On Ireland’s Aran Islands
by Eva Birrane
4.3 Stars (126 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

FREE for a limited time

Bereaved, broke and recently dumped, Orla O’Shea thinks life can’t get any worse. That is until, after a year of not paying her mortgage, the banks move in, and the only way she can save her home is to ask her eccentric Aunt Imelda for a loan.

Imelda readily agrees to help her niece, but on one condition – she must move to the tiny island of Inisheer for a year. With a population of 249, the majority of whom are drawing their pension, Orla thinks she’s in for a bleak winter of loneliness.

That is until he arrives…

Sean McFury: The Infamous.

MMA fighter Sean is Ireland’s most famous sports star, a multi-millionaire and occasional underwear model to boot. He’s tall, handsome, has the body of a God — and he’s also an arrogant jerk. When he arrives in Inisheer, licking his wounds from a humiliating defeat, Orla instantly takes a dislike to the cocky celebrity.

However, as destiny may have it, Orla and Sean find themselves crossing paths again and again on the tiny island and sparks soon begin to fly.

Can these two lost souls find love on an island, or will the arrival of Sean’s manager and supermodel ex-girlfriend put a halt to their budding romance?

This standalone romance is full of fun, giggles and an obligatory happily ever after!

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THE PATIENT (Kim Slade Thrillers Book 1)
4.2 Stars (787 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological

FREE for a limited time

I have a scarred man who wants my help. Why won’t he take no for an answer? Now he’s sending weird gifts to my home. I don’t feel safe any more.

Some scars never heal…
I know I’m lucky. I have a stunning Cheltenham apartment. A charming weekend cottage in Devon. Chris, my partner, is kind and supportive. He loves me in spite of my scars — the result of a childhood incident I don’t talk about. Most of all, I love my job, helping young women with eating disorders.

But I can’t help everyone. As I tell Kyle Stannard. Kyle was once a top male model. Before he was left horrifically scarred in a random attack.

Kyle thinks we’re the same — but I can’t help him with his problems. It’s not my field.

But then creepy things start to happen. A box of chocolates shows up — but it’s not from Chris. A beautiful mirror is delivered to my home. But I didn’t order it. Silent phone calls in the dead of night.

It must be Kyle. He’s completely obsessed.

But the police don’t believe me. So I take matters into my own hands. I need to uncover Kyle’s secrets.

But the deeper I dig, the weirder it gets. What if Kyle isn’t my stalker?

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Shotguns and Shifters (Trailer Park Vampire Book 1)
by H.P. Mallory, J.R. Rain
4.4 Stars (574 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

The day the red fog rolled in, everything in Windy Ridge changed. Neighbors and friends I’d grown up with got turned into wolfmen, lizardmen, gargoyles, and other unmentionables.

As for me? I got turned into a vampire.

Most folk thought the rapture was upon us but soon it was fairly obvious that we weren’t playing witness to some holy event. In fact, I was fairly sure we’d just witnessed something mostly unholy.

Regardless, life in our little town in the middle of the Ozarks returned to what passed for normal.

Until two human outsiders rolled into town.

Because I was one of few residents who still appeared human, I was responsible for making sure the town went into hiding until them humans moved right on out again.

But what I wasn’t planning on was the fact that one of the strangers was none other than Dean Hawke, a man I hadn’t seen in twenty-three years — a man who also happened to be my high-school sweetheart.

But wait. There’s more…

Not only had my ex-boyfriend walked right back into my sorry life, but he was also the newly appointed ‘Sheriff of Windy Ridge’ — and his first assignment was investigating accounts of a naked man who was terrorizing locals.

Now if that weren’t enough to ruin a vamp’s day, Sheriff Dean Hawke had, like George Clooney, only gotten better with age, and I was pretty sure all those real deep looks he kept giving me had their own kind of meaning.

But between trying to keep the town’s secret under wraps, spearheading my own investigation into the naked man with a bunch of hillbilly monster chasers, working my shift as a waitress at the local diner, and trying to smother my ardor for a certain human sheriff, I’m thinking life might be easier if I packed up my daughter and caught the next train to Transylvania, leaving Windy Ridge far, far behind.

Shotguns and Shifters is the first book in the Trailer Park Vampire series of Paranormal Women’s Fiction novels. This series is jam-packed with critters, creatures, rednecks, moonshine, romance, and down home country fun.

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Iron Triangle: A Jackson Pike Novel (Book One of The Iron Triangle Series)
by Patrick Adams
4.1 Stars (356 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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When Jackson Pike left the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Team 6 in disgrace, he thought he’d left the violence of combat behind him forever.

He was wrong.

Haunted by memories of his past, Jackson is thrust into a nightmare scenario more horrific than anything he could have ever imagined.

After witnessing a murder, Jackson is pursued by a multinational organization who will stop at nothing keep him silent.

As the former Navy SEAL fights for truth, justice, and at times for his very life, he unravels the organization’s deeply sinister plan.

Now, in order to bring the guilty to justice and save thousands of innocent people, Jackson will need every shred of combat skill at his disposal as he rails against a multinational organization whose corruption extends to the highest levels of government and industry.

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Gun For Hire: Inside the secret world of Britain’s bodyguards
by Nigel Ely
3.9 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

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Many people would imagine life in Civvy Street to be dull after the SAS. They’d be wrong.

Nigel Ely has earned a reputation as one of the SAS’s best killers. If an assured, efficient hit was required, he was the man they sent. He survived the bloodbaths of the Falklands and Northern Ireland – but nothing lasts forever.

Finding himself out of the SAS and back in Civvy Street, Nigel Ely enters a strange new world of violence and death. In this world, the actors are no less deadly – and sometimes much less principled – than the enemies of war. And they walk the streets daily, rubbing shoulders with the public, unnoticed by all but the initiated.

Hired to prevent a bloody hit on the streets of London, Ely becomes embroiled in a web of high-stakes deceit, intrigue and violence, in a world riven with cold-hearted gang warfare.

The only question remaining is – can he stop it?

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Day of the Dollar
by Ty Johnston
3.1 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Westerns

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A young deputy takes to the vengeance trail after bandits who murdered his father, along the way partnering with a mysterious gunslinger who seems to know more about their prey than he is letting on. In the bloody traditions of the spaghetti westerns genre, Day of the Dollar is a tale with lots of action and a high body count.

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °