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Does This Wine Taste Fishy??

OH MY!!! I just learned that wine is not vegan. Not really a concern for me since I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, but I know a few who are and they love their wine. Unless the wine specifically says it’s vegan, the wine is processed using egg whites and sometimes fish parts. YIKES! I’m just going to be over here eating my bacon watching the chaos happen. HAPPY FRIDAY!

The Phoenix Series: Books 4-6 (The Phoenix Series Box Set) (The Phoenix Series Boxset Book 2)
by Ted Tayler
4.4 Stars (479 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Crime Fiction

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The Phoenix believes criminals should pay for their crimes. The system often fails to deliver the correct punishment. He can redress the balance.

In The Lap Of The Gods
Olympus battle vicious gangsters on home soil. The body count rises. Dimitar Marinov cements his reputation as the most brutal criminal to have set foot on UK soil. Phoenix and Athena attend their first meeting with Zeus and the other Gods.

The Price Of Treachery
The Olympians and the Titans are in a power struggle. A traitor inside Larcombe Manor must be uncovered. There’s new life to protect as Athena prepares to become a mother.

A New Dawn
A rogue cosmetic surgeon causes the deaths of several patients. Drug dealers target even younger children. The school gates are the latest point-of-sale. The Project’s leaders need to strengthen the organisation after the recent attempted coup. The Titans may have been defeated, but a new era dawns. The nightmares are far from over.

If you’re a fan of savage, underworld criminals, fast-paced action and intense characters then you’ll enjoy following the Olympus Project and its fight against evil. Take a deep breath; once you start you’ll want to keep turning pages until the end.

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The Assassin’s List: The Adam Drake Thriller Series Book 1 (The Adam Drake Series)
by Scott Matthews
4.5 Stars (826 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

FREE for a limited time

Radicalized in our prisons, recruited and trained to be deadly assassins, they’re invisible, working menial jobs no one notices.
Their sponsors want revenge for the martyrs killed by our drones. They plan to achieve it by publicly killing everyone on a long list of VIPs, starting with someone close to the American president.
Before the killing begins, Adam Drake, an attorney and former Delta Force Tier 1 operator, is asked to help the CEO of a defense contractor whose executive assistant was murdered in his office. While representing his client during the murder investigation, Drake becomes suspicious of the IT security firm that has access to his client’s offices.
When the FBI ignores his warning about the security firm, he’s forced to rely on his lethal skills to protect the Secretary of Homeland Security and his client from the assassins at the dedication of a chemical weapon disposal facility… and later protect the only family he has left when the angry assassins come after him.
THE ASSASSIN’S LIST is the first book in the popular Adam Drake Thriller Series by Scott Matthews. If you like a fast-paced action-packed thriller with a plot that could be tomorrow’s headline, you’ll enjoy the first installment in this heart-pounding series.

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Candy Coated Murder: A Pumpkin Hollow Mystery, Book 1
by Kathleen Suzette
4.3 Stars (258 Reviews)
Genre: Holidays | Mystery

FREE for a limited time

Have you ever made decisions that you later regretted? Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about how mean Hazel Martin was. Because when she ended up dead, the police were looking at me.

Mia Jordan has done the one thing she swore she wouldn’t do: return to the small town she thought she left behind. But Pumpkin Hollow has changed. The once thriving Halloween-themed town is down on its luck, and to make matters worse, someone killed Hazel. Can Mia help save the town and find the killer before she winds up in jail? Or dead?

Welcome to the warmth and charm of Pumpkin Hollow, where you’ll find a family-owned candy store, loveable characters, and a dead body or two. Pumpkin Hollow Mysteries are clean cozy mysteries without paranormal elements.

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True North
by Robin Huber
4.6 Stars (161 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

FREE for a limited time

It’s been eight years since the moment that changed Olivia Dalton’s life. Gabriel North was her first love — her only love. But an accident shattered their world, leaving Gabe with a serious injury and Liv with a broken heart.

In the years that followed, Liv left their small coastal town in Georgia and began her career in North Carolina. But she often feels like a stranger watching the woman she’s become drift farther and farther from the girl she used to be.

Now, confronted with a decision and a future that seems more uncertain than ever, Liv can no longer ignore the hole in her heart that’s been quietly aching for years. The only way to move forward is by going back — back home to face the love she left behind.

True North is a deeply emotional, second chance romance inspired by the unconditional love of family, the tender love of adolescence, and the deep, everlasting love between soulmates.

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The Last Dive (Vincent Last Thriller Series Book 1)
by Warren Court
4.3 Stars (135 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sea Adventures

FREE for a limited time

A bruised and battered warrior. A ruthless tycoon who’ll stop at nothing. And an impossible mission in the middle of a cruel sea.

Vincent Last, is just trying to make a living doing the only thing he knows how, salvage diving. Well Vince knows about other things, his years in the Special Boat Service taught him plenty.

But his world is turned upside down when a ruthless tycoon and his gunmen force Vince into a dangerous and seemingly impossible task.

Vince’s first instinct is to tell them to get stuffed. But they are ruthless. And with a gun put to his wife’s head, Vince has no choice but to go along.

Soon Vince finds himself far from home, onboard an ocean going tug off the coast of Africa. He must blow up the oil rig the tug is towing. Even if it means sending innocent people to their deaths.

If he doesn’t do what he is told, his wife dies. There are a group of killers stalking her… just waiting for the word.

But if Vince is expendable, and his wife is probably dead anyways…

… what does he have to lose?

Why not teach his enemies everything he learned in special forces… and send them all to hell?

The ultimate sacrifice seems easy when there’s no other choice.

Vince’s private little war starts now.

The Last Dive is a throwback to Men’s Adventure fiction heroes of the past. If you like blitzkrieg fast plotting, wounded heroes and unexpected twists and turns then you’ll love Warren Court’s first installment in the Vincent Last Thriller series.

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Your Self-Sufficient Backyard Homestead Garden: Grow More Food With Your Pollinator Garden
by Karen Shepley
4.7 Stars (183 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

FREE for a limited time

Are you fed up with poor quality, pesticide-laced, and overpriced fruits and vegetables at your supermarket? It’s time to start growing your own sustainable food garden!

The catastrophes of climate change are upon us. We see floods, droughts, and wildfires on the news regularly.

But have you ever stopped to think about the impact of these events on our food supply?

Due to climate change, the number of bees and butterflies in Europe is declining rapidly. The US alone has lost 45.5% of its honey bee colonies from April 2020 to April 2021 according to a survey conducted by the nonprofit Bee Informed Partnership (BIP).

Here’s why these numbers are so alarming: 75% of global crops rely on animal pollination.

The UN World Food Programme reports 957 million people don’t have enough food. Unfortunately, without pollinators, this is only going to get worse.

To compensate for the lack of pollinators, companies are using more and more chemicals to grow food, a practice that can result in serious health consequences.

What if there was a way to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables right from your own backyard garden, attract native pollinators, and encourage them to thrive, resulting in more food in your kitchen?

And what if we told you that it was far easier than you thought? Think of it as your own organic edible plants in your backyard garden landscape.

In Your Self Sufficient Backyard Homestead Garden, you will discover:

• Why people like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are avid homestead gardeners

• Exactly what pollinators are and why they are your garden’s best friend!

• How to create the perfect environment for a wide variety of native pollinators — design a garden that attracts bees, butterflies, and birds

• A comprehensive guide on fruits, vegetables, and pollinator-loving flowers you can grow in any climate, including fine details on regions like the UK, the US, and Canada!

• The importance of the hardiness zones, including how to determine which zone you live in and what this means for your backyard garden

• How to select native plants for lower garden maintenance but an even better harvest

• How to plan a colorful garden that combines annuals, perennials, and companion plants for maximum, year-round yields

• The best ways to recycle and repurpose household waste to benefit your garden and further help the environment

• 13 websites to find trustworthy, quality native seeds and plants for different hardiness zones

And much more.

But what if you don’t know the difference between a shovel and a trowel? Or maybe your last gardening attempt was a flop.

The truth is — it doesn’t matter!

With some clever planning and a few tricks up your sleeve from a seasoned gardener, you can create a fruitful garden, even if you have never planted anything in your life before.

The results of homestead gardening are indeed something to marvel at and be proud of as you start your journey to being a self-sufficient organic gardener.

You might think it’s easier to buy your fruit and vegetables — but let me tell you, nothing tastes better than something you have grown yourself!

With a detailed guide on how to plan your homestead garden along with detailed information on fruits, vegetables, companion plants, pollinator-loving plants, and best of all, pollinators, you can start making a difference with your year-round garden today.

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The Awakened World Series by William Stacey

The Awakened World series by William Stacey is a crazy cocktail of magic, monsters, and military action with a tough new heroine along the lines of Ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels and Faith Hunter’s Jane Yellowrock. Enjoy!

Source Mage: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Awakened World Book 1)
by William Stacey
4.4 Stars (225 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Horror | Science Fiction | Suspense

When Angie was five, the dragons appeared…

And broke the world.

In the Awakened World of twenty-first-century North America, the Fey Sleep no longer hides magic from humankind — but many wish it did.

Angie Ritter is a former army mage trained to fight with spell and sword.

But she’s seen too much, done too much.

And now, her magic is gone.

She can barely take care of herself, let alone anyone else, but when former army buddy Erin Seagrave, the youngest member in a family of werewolf super soldiers, begs her for help, Angie must find the strength to fight again. A dark blood cult is hunting werewolves and if they catch Erin, they’ll cut her heart out.

They’ll do far worse to anyone who gets in their way, especially meddling ex-army mages.

Now, the two women must escape into the wilderness of a post-apocalyptic California to reach a powerful ally, the Fey succubus who raised Angie.

All that stands in their way is an army of vampires, an Aztec demon, and an impossibly powerful blood mage.

But something even more dangerous hunts them.

Warning: Contains scenes of sexual situations, realistic violence, and rough language.

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Shade King: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Awakened World Book 2)
by William Stacey
4.6 Stars (127 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Horror | Fantasy

As war clouds gather, a new supernatural foe threatens Angie Ritter and the Awakened World.

Falsely accused of treason, Source Mage Angie Ritter and the Seagrave werewolves are on the run. When the mysterious were-jaguar Tec offers them sanctuary among their old enemies in the Republic of Norteno, it seems like a dream — until Tec vanishes in the aftermath of a disastrous military operation.

Without an ally, Angie and her friends find their new home turning hostile. When a pack of werewolf-like monsters slaughters a village, Angie and the others are suspected of involvement. Now, pawns in a game of statesmanship, they must escape before they are handed back to their former colleagues and hanged as traitors.

But the evil Mother Smoke Heart and her blood cult still have plans for Angie.

And hidden beneath the earth, a dragon dreams of bloody war.

Contains mature themes.

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Shaky Shaky Shaky

I have been going to the gym three days, doing a group workout that’s pretty intense. I am feeling it. Things hurt on my body. Like… hurt hurt. UGH! But I refuse to give up. I figure it is just my body getting used to being worked so hard. I used to workout all the time, and I don’t remember hurting this much. I bet I just forgot. Today is a gym day and I am going over my list of pains. This morning it is my right heel, left shoulder, and right knee. My method to relieve the pain is to shake it off. Just keep shaking until it stops hurting or a new pain pops up and I am distracted. I have been shaking my limbs for 5 minutes. Might take twenty minutes. Shaky Shaky

Emily’s List: A character-driven suspense thriller
by David W. Wright, Sean Platt
4.4 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Teen & Young Adult

FREE for a limited time

All Cora wants is a new start. But when your problems come back to haunt you, how far will you go to exorcise them?

After the tragic loss of her horror writer father, Cora is starting over in a new town, at a new school where nobody knows her. Nobody knows about her OCD tics. Nobody knows about her time in a mental hospital. Nobody knows she sees her father’s ghost.

But her new start is shattered when she fails to suppress her OCD tics in class. She finds herself targeted by bullies again. New town, same loneliness and shame. She’s afraid to turn to her overworked mother, who is already worried about her mental health.

Then Cora meets Emily, the only person who gets her. Homeschooled Emily has suffered serious abuse, and she has a list. A list of people who have hurt her. A list of people that includes Cora’s bullies. And Emily wants Cora’s help in getting revenge.

Can Cora find a normal life by striking back at her tormentors? Or is she being lured into a darkness that will consume the sanity she’s desperately clinging to?

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Purrfect Saint (The Mysteries of Max Book 21)
by Nic Saint
4.6 Stars (353 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

Furrier Than Thou

When Grandma Muffin announced she’d found religion, and started recruiting followers for her new church, I just figured it was par for the course. After all, Gran has always had an eccentric streak. But when Harriet decided to follow in Gran’s footsteps and teach us all about the meaning of life, it got my attention. And so it happened that the whole family headed downtown one night to attend their first Soul Science gathering, meeting Masters Omar and Sharif, the church’s charismatic leaders.

Tex, meanwhile, was facing some problems of his own. A handsome young doctor had moved in across the street and had set up his office, and Tex’s patients were changing doctors in droves, leaving Odelia’s dad close to despair. There was something very peculiar about this new doctor, though, and it wasn’t just that everyone was so crazy about him.

Soon we were all searching for the meaning of life and happiness, the location of our souls, and how to make this world a better place. And so when tragedy struck, it’s safe to say we were ill-prepared. I like to think that the events that unfolded made us all more spiritual, though. They certainly forced us to dig deep and look for our inner sleuths!

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Crossroads of Revival
by Danielle M Haas
4.0 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Small Town & Rural | Foreign Languages

FREE for a limited time

Izzy Sterling survived a traumatic kidnapping, but her resulting anxiety forces her to shut herself off from the world. At her therapists urging, she faces her fears and volunteers at Crossroads Mountain Retreat — a soon-to-be place of healing for law enforcement and veterans and the very place she was held captive. When evidence is found that the sex-traffickers who abducted her have returned, she’s thrown right back into a past she’s tried so hard to forget.

Fresh out of the police academy, Beau Davis is ready to prove himself as an officer, but more than anything, longs to find the person responsible for hurting Izzy. He’d hoped her moving back to town would prompt him to finally confess his feelings — feelings he’d locked away after she left for college and never looked back — but her recent trauma keeps him from laying his heart at her feet.

When someone comes after Izzy, it’s clear she’s a connection to the criminals they want to silence. Beau’s vow to keep her safe gives her a strength she thought she’d lost. When the nightmare she’s already survived once becomes her new reality, Izzy must fight for the life she wants. A life with Beau by her side.

But first she has to make it out alive.

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The Haunting of Porlock House
by B. J. Conroy
4.2 Stars (35 Reviews)

FREE for a limited time

Tom Osborne is returning to the Australian country town of Corbin to arrange his aunt’s funeral. His last visit was twenty years ago when he was seven years old.

As Tom revisits the town, fragments of long-forgotten memories resurface in his mind. On that last trip, he and his friend, Lyn, explored the elegant residence of Porlock House on a nighttime cycle ride. However, that can’t be true because the house has not existed for over one hundred years.

Tom’s curiosity is piqued, and he searches for answers to the mystery of Porlock House. However, delving into the house’s secrets reveals a sinister history, and discovering the truth will become a matter of life and death for Tom.

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Death By Suspenders: A Spencer University Cozy Mystery
by L.C. Turner
4.1 Stars (142 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

This semester is a killer… Olivia and Polly, professors at Spencer University, are ready for a new and exciting fall semester. But when one of their colleagues is found hanging in the academic building, the women quickly realize that this particular year is going to be a killer.

Determined to uncover the motive behind the professor’s murder, Olivia and Polly start gathering information. Knowing he wasn’t a beloved faculty member; they suspect foul play among their other co-workers. The campus is no longer a sanctuary of safety and academia, now suspicion and fear are running rampant.

But esteemed and intelligent college professors aren’t murderers – are they?

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Fight the Good Fight (Echoes of War Book 1)
by Daniel Gibbs, David VanDyke
4.3 Stars (475 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Corporal David Cohen thought he’d left war behind.

He was wrong.

The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls between battles when he must confront his soul, David finds a different enemy: the ghosts of those killed under his command.

Yet in war, it’s kill or be killed — and the enemy shows no mercy.

David must square the tenets of his faith against his responsibility to crew and country. If he fails in his command, billions face enslavement by a ruthless regime. Now it’s an all-out fight for the galaxy’s freedom.

Because a man’s greatest foe lies within.

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In A Blink

I saw a leaf fall from a tree. I instantly smelled pumpkin spice. It's hot outside, but I want a scarf and sweater. The Governess' Debut (Ladies of Mayfair Book 1) by Wendy May Andrews Genre:...

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Legend Rising (Galactic Guardians Book 1) by Jonathan Yanez

My name is Max Tyco. I will become the most powerful Guardian in the Universe. This is my story. From the author that brought you Forsaken Mercenary and Gateway to the Galaxy comes your next adventure. Grab your beverage of choice and get ready, once you start this...

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One Eye Open

Who needs sleep anyway? WAY over-rated. Erg. I had one eye open all night last night. There have been reports in town that there is a man in a clown mask creeping around peoples house and front doorways. I think he has even entered a few homes. It's one thing to have...

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