So my question is, now that I am not doing my baby basset’s school walk-a-thon and I have more free time, do I go all out for Halloween and Christmas? The past few years planning the walk-a-thons have taken up all my energy and time, so I haven’t added anything new to the decorating routine. I could also just take a nap. That would be good. Not as exciting, but kinda nice. I did have a cute idea to make a robot pumpkin army. Oh my! That felt kinda cool just saying it. OH NO!!! I am getting all fired up just thinking of a robot army! AND I CAN MAKE IT CHEAP!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!! My hubby is looking at me. While I am typing this, all he can see is me slamming my fingers on the keyboard, making facial expressions as if I am screaming, but the sound is all in my head. Poor guy. I bet he wonders what the heck he married. Not who, but what.

The Lead Cloak (The Lattice Trilogy Book 1)
by Erik Hanberg
4.1 Stars (158 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy | Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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Byron Shaw can track and find anyone on Earth. Except the people who tried to kill him.

By 2081, privacy no longer exists. The Lattice enables anyone to re-live any moment of your life. People can experience past and present events — or see into the mind of anyone, living or dead.

Most people love it. Some want to destroy it.

Colonel Byron Shaw has just saved the Lattice from the most dangerous attack in its history. Now he must find those responsible. But there’s a question nobody’s asking: does the Lattice deserve to be saved?

The answer may cost him his life.

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Stetson (Iron Horse Book 1)
by Danielle Norman
4.6 Stars (83 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Sagas | Romance

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The only thing fancy about London Kelly was her name.
She was a jeans and boots kind of girl.
Her perfume was the smell of hay.
And her days were spent in the saddle.
Except for a few bumps in the road she had a pretty good life.

Her dad died.
Now, she’s left running the family cattle ranch and horse stables.
The sexy sheriff has decided that he wants more than a one night stand.
And her employees believe that she has no business running a ranch.

Sometimes the strongest cowboys aren’t boys…
They’re women.

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The Blind Woman and Other Stories
by Michael Gurian
5.0 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Literary Fiction | Short Stories

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Within this dramatic and profound collection of stories, New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian explores the cultural and spiritual gulf between Muslims and Westerners. From Ankara to Seattle, the West Bank to Manhattan, these provocative stories continually surprise with scenes of shocking brutality and improbable enlightenment.

In A Desperate Pride, a Palestinian woman falls in love with Raf Horowitz, an American Jew who arrives in Israel with reckless idealism. In The Reincarnation of Donaldo Fuertes, an elderly writer recruits a young African American Muslim to accompany him on a pilgrimage to his homeland. And in the title story, a young hospice nurse finds her life course completely changed as she fulfills her duties to a Somali woman scarred by her upbringing.

With the grace and craftsmanship of a veteran storyteller, Gurian’s collection is an emotional powerhouse filled with animosity and love, heartache and understanding, disillusionment and hope. Lyrical and absorbing, these stories reveal the humanity of a culture so often in conflict with our own.

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Days Off: Twenty-Four Hour Voyages in the Wide, Wide World
by Dominic Francone
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Travel

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Dominic Francone has traveled the world putting together Broadway musicals. This is not a book about that. This is a book about the one day out of seven he spends checking out the local sights and Seeing the Shit Out of It.

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35 Recipes For Slow Cooker Beef – Beef Slow Cooker Recipes
by Pamela Kazmierczak
4.2 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Welcome to the third volume of The Slow Cooker Meals And Slow Cooker Recipes Collection!!

Are you looking for Slow Cooker Beef Recipes?

Beef is a great choice for dinner and nothing beats the ease and simplicity of preparing a delicious meal in a crock pot. Crockpot meals are perfect for those who want to eat a great meal at night but do not have the time to slave away in front of a stove all day.

If you are looking for some great beef crockpot recipes, this might be the recipe book for you!

The type of slow cooker recipes you will find inside 35 Recipes For Slow Cooker Beef – Beef Slow Cooker Recipes To Try include a variety of meals such as soups, salads, sandwiches and heartier meals like stew and other beef dishes to prepare in your crock pot.

What Type of Beef Crock Pot Recipes Will You Find In This Book?

There are a total of 35 different but delicious crock pot meals inside this book.
Some Examples of these slow cooker recipes include:


Pineapple Flank Steak

Spicy Pot Roast

Beef Tips

Lentil, Portobello, and Beef Soup

Vegetable Beef Stew

Steak Salad

Middle Eastern Beef

Traditional Pot Roast

Short Ribs

Ginger Beef

Beef Tacos

Autumn Beef Stew

Asian Beef and Broccoli

Sloppy Joes

Curried Beef

Chipotle Chili

& Many More…

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