Time to make something. I have no clue what, but it must be done. The baby bassets have been acting up lately and bickering so much I think its time to teach them a lesson. Punishment will be terrible. I am taking them to Michael’s Craft Store. Known in this family as NOOOOO!!! PLEASE NOT THAT PLACE!!! Also known to me as my happy place.

Never Say Sorry: A Fast Paced Medical and Financial Conspiracy Thriller
by Rose Edmunds
4.4 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure

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A medical conspiracy spirals into murder and fraud in this gripping thriller

Has Big Pharma really suppressed a miracle cure for cancer? Feisty journalist Claudia is doubtful until her source is brutally murdered and his papers go missing.

Hugo’s career in Corporate Finance hangs by a thread.

A cancer cure conspiracy would scupper the deal he’s working on, but he can’t ignore the facts. After meeting by chance, the unlikely pair embark on a search for the truth that takes them from London to New Jersey to Rio.

Dark forces are conspiring against them.

Plunged into a world of mysterious hedge funds, secret insider trading and unexplained killings, can Hugo and Claudia stay ahead? Can they even stay alive?

An absorbing medical murder mystery you will not be able to put down!

Never Say Sorry is a fast paced medical thriller like you never read before. Become immersed in a thrilling adventure that feels absolutely real, by diving into this exciting page-turner!

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Courtlight Series Boxed Set (Books 1, 2, 3)
by Terah Edun
4.3 Stars (871 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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The fantasy series that every fan of Throne of Glass and the Selection series needs to read!

This three-novel boxed set follows the adventures of Ciardis Weathervane, a girl with no future, and Sebastian Algardis, the prince heir she loves. Ciardis and Sebastian were never meant to break the chains binding his powers or upend the imperial courts, now they’re ready to shatter an empire.

This boxed set contains the first three books in the Courtlight series.

Sworn To Raise 17-year-old Ciardis had grown up in poverty. Now chosen for a position at court,she travels across the empire to begin a new life. To survive, she’ll need to master intrigue, befriend a crown prince, and learn to control magical abilities she never knew existed.

Sworn To Transfer Just when Ciardis becomes a companion trainee and saved the prince heir’s tenuous claim to the throne, humans begin to die in gruesome deaths.With enemies closing in ranks, Ciardis can’t afford to have her loyalty to court and crown called into question.

Sworn To Conflict After fighting for the living dead and winning, Ciardis discovers that taking on amass murderer was the least of her problems. Now she not only is facing a war in the North, but she needs to decide where she stands in the midst of competing sides: family or empire.

A set of free fantasy books for lovers of spellbinding romantic adventure and wonderfully crafted worlds. Scroll up and download!

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Once Upon a Cowboy: contemporary fairy tale romance (Cowboy Fairytales Book 1)
by Lacy Williams
4.2 Stars (158 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | Mythology & Folk Tales

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A princess on-the-run finds sanctuary with a Navy SEAL cowboy…

After nearly dying in an assassination attempt, Princess Alessandra of Glorvaird escapes to a place no one would ever think to look for her: small town Texas and a ranch staffed by a herd of wooly, uncouth cowboys. One cowboy in particular gets under her skin, until she sees his softer side. She knows this interlude can’t last forever, but that doesn’t stop her from wishing it might…

Former Navy SEAL Gideon Hale might’ve rescued the princess from freezing to death, but the soldier doesn’t trust easily — or at all — especially when his gut tells him Alessandra is keeping secrets. But as Alessandra begins to fit into his life, he discovers another side to the princess — one that he can’t help but like.

When Alessandra’s enemies close in, Gideon must fight to save the woman who has become so much more than a princess…

Once Upon a Cowboy is a contemporary western retelling of the Snow White fairytale.

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Cozy Mysteries: The Art & Craft of Murder (Whistler’s Cove Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
by Cozy Cat Parker
3.8 Stars (108 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery

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Misty Williams has finally achieved her dream of opening a teahouse in Whistler’s Cove, a small town famous for its community of artists and crafters. But when the local gallery owner, Hilary Small, is poisoned in Misty’s teahouse, and it begins to look as if the man Misty is in love with committed the murder, Misty must turn amateur sleuth in order to save the reputation of her teahouse and her hopes for romance.

Set in an enchanting location, this cozy mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters, including Misty’s cat Miss Mabel, who plays a crucial part in revealing the true murderer.

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Dad Genius: Blitherings of a Stay-at-Home Dad
by Dan Kenney
4.9 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

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Incredibly Stupid… and Really, Really, Funny!

The woman had a baby.

Then she had two.

They needed sleep, and shelter, and lots of food.

So much food.

But still they came. One after another the children came until one day there were 8.

Then the woman handed the 8 children to the man. “It’s your turn,” she said.

The man had no plan, below average cooking skills, and a complete inability to fold a sweater.

He did things differently than the woman. At first, it was upsetting to some. But eventually, even the skeptics could see. There was something about the way he did things.

Some called it Genius. And the man? He called it


And this is his story.

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“Makes a below average door stop.” Door Stops Monthly, starred review.

“A book almost as dumb as its author.” Tom, Dan’s best friend from high school.

“A stunning achievement.” Dan’s high school English teacher when informed 80% of the book was written in complete sentences.

“We agree with Tom. This book is really dumb.” Jeff and Mark, Dan’s other friends from high school

“I have no idea. He won’t let me read it. That means it’s embarrassing, right?” Dan’s mom.

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