I always find it funny how my curious little ladies always want to know exactly what I am up to when I am in the garden. Every day, when I go out to check on my sweet chickies and let them out, I also inspect the garden to see if there is anything new or get some inspiration. As soon as the coop door opens they run off and start scratching for bugs. I go into the garden, and as soon as my back is turned I can hear the flapping of their wings as they jumjp the short fence, then comes the thud as they land on the other side. FLAP FLAP THUD FLAP FLAP THUD. Usually it’s Jackie and the twins Iggy and Trudy. I continue on inspecting the garden and they are right behind me listening to my comments. Sometimes I ask their opinion. They seem open to whatever I decide.

Sacrifice (Detective Madison Knight Series Book 3)
by Carolyn Arnold
4.3 Stars (240 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Finding justice comes at a high price…

When a young man washes up on the shore of the Bradshaw River, Detective Madison Knight and her partner are called in to investigate. But the case takes a complicated turn when he’s identified as the son of local business tycoon Marcus Randall. As one of the wealthiest and most influential men in the city, he has a lot of connections, and one of them just so happens to be the Stiles PD police chief.

Madison and Chief McAlexandar have butted heads before, but with this case, her drive and determination to find the truth just might cost her the job she worked so hard to get. She’s got her eye on Randall, despite the chief’s protests of the man’s innocence, and she’s not the only one. The Secret Service is after him for suspicion of fraud and counterfeiting, and they want Madison’s full cooperation to aid their investigation.

Stuck between the chief and one of the most powerful men in Stiles isn’t the ideal place to be, but if Madison’s going to find justice, she has no choice but to risk it all.

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The Day is a White Tablet
by Jill Fletcher Pelaez
4.5 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | United States | African American

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In this gripping Southern saga, America is in the final days of the Civil War, the bloodiest conflict ever waged on her soil. Tench Traymore, a free black teen, has been following his older white cousin, Lance Traymore, as his cook. The two young men grew up together and are inseparable as they fight under the command of General Pickett.

But when Lance dies in battle, Tench is left alone. With a few of his cousin’s possessions — a horse called Night, his boots, and his journals — Tench travels home to Georgia. Discovering the Traymores have moved to Florida, he heads south in search of them. On this treacherous journey and encountering those who would stop him, Tench gains courage as he faces this changed world on his own.

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The Reckoning: The Day Australia Fell (The Unforeseen Duology Book 1)
by Keith McArdle
4.2 Stars (99 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | War

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Australia has been invaded.

While the outnumbered Australian Defence Force fights on the ground, in the air and at sea, this quickly becomes a war involving ordinary people.

Ben, an IT consultant has never fought a day in his life. Will he survive?

Grant, a security guard at Sydney’s International Airport, finds himself captured and living in the filth and squalor of one of the concentration camps dotted around Australia. Knowing death awaits him if he stays, he plans a daring escape.

This is a dark day in Australia’s history. This is terror, loneliness, starvation and adrenaline all mixed together in a sour cocktail. This is the day Australia fell.

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North: An Adventure
by Amanda Linehan
4.2 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Action & Adventure | Contemporary Fiction

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A little luck. A little skill. A big gamble.

Jayne is on the run. With a bag full of stolen money, a new friend she met while stealing his car, and an old adversary out to get her, Jayne heads north looking for a better life.

Along the way she encounters adventure, danger, freedom and something she never expected — love.

But before she can reach her destination she must confront something that’s been following her all along. When she least expects it, her past collides with her future and she must decide whether to keep running or return home to rebuild the life she left.

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Relics: One: Relics Singularity Series Book 1
by Nick Thacker
4.5 Stars (94 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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A computer system controlling the world’s resources. An ex-President who can’t remember anything from the past fifteen years. Semi-insane survivalists that live and exist off-the-grid.

This is Relics.

Myers is a Relic. Cast out of society by a computer program that’s far more efficient at managing and regulating human life than any human ever could be.

The System is running everyone’s life. It’s quickly becoming smarter than humans, and it no longer has any need for leaders like Myers. There’s a technological singularity coming, and only Myers knows how to stop it.

The problem? He doesn’t remember anything from the past fifteen years.

And now he’s being hunted…

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35 Recipes of Delicious Pies with Fruits
by Wanda Carter
4.8 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Is There Some Magic Way To Make The Best Meal You Have Ever Tasted? Absolutely!

After reading this book, you will be able to:

• Combine Unusual Flavours

• Try Unique Recipes

• Check Helpful Photographs And Tables

• Get Equally Delicious Results

• Find Ideal Recipes For Beginners

• Get ingredients For The Perfect Instant Meal

These recipes are fantastic for satisfying all your family members!

• crowd-pleasing

• mouth-watering photos

• simple, comforting

• budget-friendly

• ready-to-serve

• fuss-free

Now, You’re Probably Wondering…

Why you need this book? These recipes will give you:

• Good time with family & friends

• More flavor, smell, and, yes, the compliments.

• Opportunity to lose weight

• Dinnertime secrets

• Tender meals and unique taste

Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s guide, seeking some dinner ideas, or just trying to get some mouth-watering recipes you’ll be inspired to start Cooking!

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