I like knowing that I am not the only crazy one. I had refused to volunteer for the baby basset’s school walk-a-thon decorations because last year I spent five months obsessing over it and I drove myself nuts. A couple that I have become friends with at the school has decided to take on that responsibility. Yesterday the mother told me that she is starting to understand what I went through. She can’t think of anything else but the decorations. It’s non stop. I started to giggle and laugh at her, but was informed that I had been volunteered to help by the office lady. The thoughts and ideas started popping in my head immediately. It’s like catching a cold. Once you get it there is nothing you can do but ride it out until the end. Hello next seven months of my life.

Knife Skills (Trudi Wells Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
Julie Adler
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Romance

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After a stupid (but funny) mistake, impulsive news reporter Trudi Wells is reassigned to her struggling paper’s food desk, forced to write cuddly features about restaurants and recipes.

Smart-mouthed Trudi is definitely no foodie: she knows nothing about fine dining, surviving happily on peanut butter and breakfast cereal. But the murder of the most famous chef in town — killed with a cooking knife — presents an opportunity: if Trudi can prove her skills as a reporter and solve the case, she can return to the news desk where she belongs.

In a tight-knit California foothills community of cooks, caterers and wine snobs, can Trudi make her way through a new world of delicious food and drink? And can she track down the murderer — or will he find her first?

“Knife Skills” is the first clean cozy mystery starring Trudi Wells.

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Big Dragons Don’t Cry (A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny Book 1)
C. M. Barrett
4.4 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Metaphysical | Fantasy

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A dragon with low self-esteem, a kitten with attitude, a woman who feels too much, and a man who feels too little collide in “a great fantasy read, with all the things we love.”

Morale in the country of Oasis has never been worse. The Earthers, a tree-hugging sect, beg forgiveness for their crimes against twigs and weeds. The Godlies preach penitence and suffering and inspire their followers into submission by threatening them with an afterlife spent being chased by a fire-breathing dragon.

All Oasans fear the dragon in the swamp at the country’s edge, and they don’t know that he fears them. Druid, a water dragon who puts out fires, steams up when he learns that a cunning opportunist intends to exploit dragonphobia and have the dragon killed so that he can level the swamp for suburban housing.

Tara, a kitten with charisma, is trying to bring humans back into balance. She needs to enlist Serazina, a young human woman who hides her ability to read emotions in order to avoid imprisonment in the Ward for the Chronically Crazy. Serazina’s troubles grow when Phileas, Guardian of Oasis, chooses her to be the mother of the heir he so badly needs. Before he can consider fatherhood, he needs to stem the mysterious rumors that he’s soft on dragons.

Somehow these four must overcome communication difficulties, mutual mistrust, and delusions of human superiority to save the country. Otherwise, even though Druid doesn’t breathe fire, Oasis will be toast.

From the Book:

Orion stood on a ridge overlooking the city. As he swayed, exhausted and hungry, the threads of its winding, dirty streets seemed to tighten around his neck in a noose that limited both breath and freedom.

His sister, Sekhmet, nuzzled him with her black nose. “Lost in thought?”

“Wishing you’d waited a year or so to haul me away from the good life.”

“We thought we’d better get on the road before you wore out your equipment, Mr. Tomcat Stud.”

Orion’s other sister, Bast, trotted toward them, her white fur gleaming in starlight. “We’ve come to the right place. The pull is strong.”

“Praise the Many-Taloned One,” Sekhmet said. “My paws are killing me.”

The lights of the city flickered in eye-burning imitation of the starry sky. “It’s not going to be easy,” Orion said. “The smell alone makes me gag. It’s not just the physical stench, but also the foul odor of self-righteousness and fear. And some of the fear is mine. I’ve never failed before.”

Sekhmet raised her ears. “It’s hard to fail when you mount a willing cat. I’m glad you realize you’re facing a far bigger challenge. It gives me hope that you’ve become something more than a swaggering young tom. She of the Rough Tongue is molding you into the cat you were always meant to be.”

“I don’t know about Her rough tongue, but I’ve never doubted yours.”

Bast growled softly. “Enough. Orion, you have to guide us now.”

Panic bristled his fur. “I don’t know; I can’t feel anything.”

Bast scraped her claws against a stone. “Then ask to feel. Have you forgotten you were chosen for more than shining fur and golden eyes?”

“And equipment,” Sekhmet said.

He turned his back on them and washed himself briskly to hide his shame. How could he forget the first lesson all kittens learned? When you got lost, She would always nudge you home.

Orion closed his eyes, and the rasp of Her tongue shivered through him, massaging away the tension that had tightened his limbs, clearing away the resistance and fear that had hidden his path, and even temporarily blurring the memory of well-fed, sleek females.

One final moment of doubt kept him in place. “Are humans worth our sacrifice?”

“Not yet, they aren’t,” Bast said, “but we’re weaving a dream.”

Orion loped down the hill, praying that the gathering strands wouldn’t knot into a noose.

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Schrodinger’s Telephone
Marion Stein
4.5 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Metaphysical | Science Fiction

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Lizzie and Jeff have the perfect life – starting out together in a cozy New York City apartment, a baby on the way. Then a random act of violence changes everything, and Lizzie is left bereft and alone.

Despite the support of friends and family, Lizzie can’t move on, and she can’t let go of the memory of her final phone call with her husband – a conversation that took place an hour after his reported death.

Is it madness to believe in mysteries beyond our understanding? Or is belief what keeps us sane?

Warning: Do not begin Schrodinger’s Telephone unless you can afford to stay up all night to finish it.

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No Man’s Land – A Russell Carter Thriller
Roland Fishman
4.5 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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“A plot ripped straight from today’s front-page headlines. A Muslim extremist group based in Indonesia has plans to launch devastating attacks on Sydney on New Year’s Eve – and only one man can stop them: special operative Russell Carter, an Australian version of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher – a man of few words but much action… enigmatic and lethal.

Carter has turned his back on everything he ever believed in. A year ago he walked away from the order and its leader, Thomas Wing, a man he once regarded as a father. Since then he’s been living the good life, surfing at Lennox Head and trying to forget his past.

On Christmas Day Thomas is kidnapped from a remote bush property near the Queensland border, and Carter is sucked straight back into the violent world he left behind. Now an Indonesian terrorist cell is trying to kill him – and every other member of the order.

With Carter and the order out of the way, the terrorists hope to carry off a daring attack on Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve – just days away – when huge crowds gather on the water and foreshore to celebrate.

Carter is forced to team up with Thomas’s daughter, Erina – the only woman he has ever loved, and who he abandoned without saying goodbye. Together they must travel into the wilds of Indonesia and back again in a desperate bid to save Thomas – and the lives of thousands of others.

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Dog Training: 10 Important Truths Every Dog Owner Must Learn For Dog Obedience (Dog Training, Puppy Training, Dog Behavior, Dog Training Basics)
Tim Jacobs
4.4 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home | Children’s eBooks

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Want Simple Instructions On How To Train Your Dog? All The Things You Need To Know About Dog Training Are In This Little Book.

Topics Include:

– Understanding a Dog’s Behavior

– Getting Your Dog to a Comfortable New Environment

– Purchasing Supplies

– House Training

– Keeping Your Dog Safe and Trouble-free

– Fun and Games with the Dog

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